About us

Initial goal

We are a community to create a catalog of hifi equiptment no longer produced. This catalog will include

  • Repair FAQ
  • Old marketing material like flyers and folders
  • Reviews/tests (as html page)
  • Service manuals (for now links only to save webspace)
  • User reviews 


The website will give the visitor a view into the past of hifi equiptment! Also it helps you to maintain your (vintage) hifi equiptment with tips from other users. The main focus is on repair and technical details of hifi equiptment.

The idea of this website is that the money flows back to the contributers, some percentage is needed for marketing and for technical support the rest (around 60%) to the contributer.


Electronic equiptment become only cheaper last decenia, this creates a problem of e-waste. A lot of equiptment is just thrown away while it might be still repairable.

Our team

Our team consists of a couple of people, but most content is created by our users. Initial developer is Niek Sluijter located from the Netherlands.


As a user you can view all the technical information about products for free. If you want more information like repair manuals you pay a small fee to support our community.

Become a Editor $$

Any user can become an editor, it means you can add your favorite products to the catalog. If we make money with the product information (images,tech specs,servicemanual) you get 50% of the profit ! The more products you own the more money one can make. For more information about this click here  

Support this website 

We would be very happy with an donation to run and improve our website and help more people repair their gear.


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