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The intent for this website is to create a catalog of hifi equiptment (product), equiptment that has secondhand value and is often worth repair. Lo-fi equiptment should not be added. The following products can be added without any approval:

  • Tuner
  • Amplifier
  • Cassetedeck
  • Disk-player (Cd,Dvd,Blueray,Laserdisk)
  • Loudspeaker

Please do not add products like:

  • Car audio
  • Household equiptment
  • Toys
  • TV
  • Computer Equiptment
  • Mobile
  • Portable


Product addition

A hifi product can only be added once, it is essential that the product model/type name is written correctly. In case of double entries the second entry will be removed.

The user who added the product becomes owner of the product, and needs to approve product blogs (repair faq, flyer material, service manuals). 

Product Blog addition

Every registered user can add a product blog entry (seen become Editor)

 Be carefull with copyrighted material (for instance if it has name or logo of other website it). 
The user can decide how many credits it costs to view his entry. 

Receive Credits

When you contribute to the website by adding hifi equiptment or repair information (faq) you receive credits. 

A visitor get 10credits for free and can buy extra credits to view a product blog entry (service manual, repair faq,product flyer). The credits will be invested in the website development!


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