Become an Product Owner

As said in the about section it is possible to add:

  • your favorite hifi products, you become owner!
  • your own repair tips (product faq, get credits)
  • old flyers and folders (product faq, get credits)
  • schematic (get credits)
  • (service) manual (at the moment there is no webspace, so just add a link only!)

If you are product owner others can still add product faq to the product, but it needs your approval. If you think the information is already there the product owner can protest against it and an editor will verify it.

Service manuals can be copyrighted and those are not allowed to be uploaded. In that case one can draw the schema by him/herself because the schema itself is a technical fact which cannot be copyrighted.  


Add your repair tips

If you are experianced with (the repair) certain equiptment you can add repair tips to help others and get some reward for yours. You will be rewarded with credits!


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